Fuel Polishing

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Fuel contamination can build up within stored fuels over time if they aren’t tested and treated on a regular basis

Wright Fuels can help to ensure your fuel remains free of contamination and the risk of fuel related breakdowns is kept to a minimum

Fuel Polishing improves the quality of your stored fuels

Why is it called 'Fuel Polishing'?

Fuel polishing is the technical term used for the removal of water, sediment and microbial contamination from fuels such as diesel and biodiesel

The name ‘polish’ comes from the appearance of the fuel once the treatment has been completed. Prior to treatment, the fuel will typically look dark and could have a cloudy appearance depending on the type of contamination found within the fuel. Once the treatment has taken place the fuel will appear bright and clear with a shiny appearance, just like if you were to polish a dusty table.

How do I know if I need to polish my fuel?

If we analyse your fuel and find that a problem exists, we can also rectify the problem. We will attend site with our mobile fuel polishing equipment and filter your fuel so it returns to its optimum level of performance. Once the fuel has been treated, it is important to take a new batch of samples and re-test the stored fuel to ensure that the problem has been dealt with.

If you have recevied a recommendation that your fuel requires treatment from elsewhere, we also offer our fuel polishing services as a stand alone service. Our fuel polishing service will give you peace of mind that the risk of fuel related mechanical breakdowns has been kept to a minimum.